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What is WallpaperLoft?

Desktop Wallpapers are many things to many people.  For some they're a brief escape from the complications of everyday life.  For others, a talking piece, a glimpse into a dreamland, a fantasy about an experience or a person.  They're art.  They're technology.  They can be beautiful, cute, horrifying, or erotic.  Whatever desktop wallpapers mean to you, WallpaperLoft.com would like to be your resource for all of your wallpaper & PC background needs and desires.

The wallpapers on this site are submitted by myself and the users of the site. You're welcome to contribute and share your digital art with the rest of the world. Be sure to share your images or any images that interest you with the social media sharing buttons available throughout the site.  Wallpapers are meant to be seen and shared!

The internet is full of sites that provide desktop wallpapers.  Some of them are technologically advanced, some are visually elegant, some... not so much.  I tried to design WallpaperLoft to be both simple and elegant.  It's not over-burdened with tons of technology that doesn't provide any real value.  It's a simple desktop wallpaper site, that's all.  It's a place to view, share, and download your favorite desktop wallpapers.

Please let me know, via our Contact Us page, if you have any comments, questions or concerns about the site.  I am fanatical in my intent to provide the best experience possible to the users of this site and I want to hear from you.